Friday, 2 December 2011

VSFTPD Virtual User Bash Scripts V0.2

Updated the scripts and added the lusersnc script to sync local users. The scripts will work only with the root user login and will display an error with other logins.

Added Project to Google code and Sourceforge. License is GPL V3 and opne for review and code enhqancement by others. Please do not change author, add yourself to the list.

Download: vsftpd-vuser-scripts-v0.2.tar.gz

New functionality:
All scripts - Check added to display 'Not root' when run by a non root user.
vuser.conf - added additional variables for local user's, archiving
vuseradd - additional check to see if a local user exists with the supplied username
vuserchk - additional checks for number of users and if there is a mismatch between reported total users and actual records in the vuser_list file
lusersnc - new script to sync the local user folders with the ftp folders with a symlink in the shell home folder

For next Version:
- A audit script to check user_list against ftp folders
- Script for archiving
- Archived user restoration

- Bellamkonda Sudhakar

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